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Our Solutions

Kathmere Capital Management offers full-spectrum financial management services to develop a comprehensive strategy for our clients.

Family Office

The Efficient Family Office


Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management


Life Insurance Advisory


Corporate Retirement Plans


The individuals and families that we serve benefit from our insights and counsel regarding: 


  • Advanced Financial Planning 
  • Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management 
  • Tax & Legal Advisor Collaboration 
  • Life Insurance Advisory 
  • Charitable Foundation Support & Management 


The businesses and entrepreneurs that we serve benefit from our insights and counsel regarding: 


  • Fiduciary Responsibilities for Retirement Plan Sponsors 
  • Investment Advisory & Portfolio Management 
  • Business Succession Planning 
  • Key Man Insurance and Retention Planning for Key Employees 

Kathmere Client Center

Our client center provides you access to all our current Wealth 360 portal offerings and will continuously be updated as we rollout future offerings. We have also provided you links to your custodian site(s) so that you may login and view your statements and tax forms.

About Us

Our clients deserve to have access to the highest quality people, who are among the best in the industry in their technical abilities and commitment to continuing education. Meet the expert team we have built. 

Kathmere Insights

Research Brief: A Synopsis of Historical Bear Markets

On June 13th, the S&P 500 Index declined nearly 4% and finished the day down approximately 22% from its all-time high closing level from early January 2022. Thus, the S&P 500 officially entered bear market territory (defined by a 20% decline from an all-time high)….

Recessions and the Stock Market

As economic growth has slowed measurably during the early part of 2022 from 2021’s torrid pace, investors have become increasingly concerned that the economy may be heading for a recession. Naturally, this has led to questions about how the stock market has fared during past…

Perspectives on Inflation: An Outlook for the Future & Implications for Investors

Inflation is nuanced and multifaceted. By definition, it’s a currency devaluation whereby one unit of currency sees its purchasing power decline. Colloquially, inflation refers to the sustained increase in the general level of prices. The most commonly cited measure for inflation is the Consumer Price…

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