Throughout one’s life, the need for life insurance and the problems it attempts to address will undoubtedly change. When looking at a family’s income and assets, potentially a business and its most key people, as well as tax law and generational planning goals, Kathmere Capital Management can help you ascertain if life insurance is something that can help strengthen and enhance your unique situation.


  • Estate Planning
  • Evaluate Current Tax Liabilities
  • Analyze The Various Available Gifting Strategies
  • Various Planning Techniques Using Trusts
  • Business Continuation and Retention Strategies
  • Funding Of Buy-Sell Agreements and Partnership Planning
  • Key Man Insurance and Retention Planning for Key Employees
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Policy Audits and Reviews
  • ‘In-Force’ Reviews of Permanent Contracts, Making Finding and Allocation Recommendations If Applicable
  • Analyze Marketplace Opportunities Should Newer More Efficient Product Solutions Exist.
  • Term Product Reviews, Analyzing Pricing, Conversion Language, Etc.
  • Confirm Owner and Beneficiary Designations Reflect A Client Current Situation And Wishes

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