The Efficient Family Office…
Everything you need, nothing that you don’t.

A family office doesn’t have to include bill pay, booking travel, aviation leasing, or multiple home management, as very few people actually need those types of services. It also doesn’t have to be one extreme or another, investment management only or complete family office services.

We provide what you really need and want.

We created The Efficient Family Office™ to combine the personalized advice our clients need with the collaboration, oversight, and reporting of their complete financial life. Our solution offers:

Advanced Financial Planning

Advanced Financial Planning

Invest Management

Investment Management

Tax and Legal

Tax & Legal Advisor Collaboration

Charitable Foundation

Charitable Foundation Support & Management

Family Documents

Storage of Important Family Documents

Comprehensive Reporting

Comprehensive Reporting

Examples of Comprehensive Reporting

  • Net Worth Statement
  • Comprehensive and Customized Investment Reporting
  • Insurance Portfolio Tracking
  • Capital Call and Private Investment Tracking
  • Outside Portfolio Investment Account Tracking
  • Estate Flow Chart

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