Corporate Retirement Plans

Contribution Plan

Defined Contribution Plans (401k and 403b)

Investment, fiduciary, and participant services for 401k, 403b, and other defined contribution plans

Pension Plan

Defined Benefit Pension Plans

Investment and fiduciary services for defined benefit plans

Deferred Contribution

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plans

Investment and plan support services for non-qualified deferred compensation plans

Our Corporate Retirement Plans advisory business enables companies to manage their retirement plans with minimal effort while addressing fiduciary responsibilities and helps to create a culture of overall employee financial well-being.

At Kathmere, we are committed to ensuring all businesses and their employees have access to the same best-in-class retirement plan programs


Requires minimal effort for employers to manage and maintain so that executives can focus on what they do best–serve their customers and manage their business efficiently and profitably


Is built to provide protections from the inherent liabilities from offering a plan


Has proactive systems in place to continually monitor opportunities to reduce plan costs and improve plan outcomes


Is fully utilized by plan participants to help create a corporate culture of financial well-being and confidence


Helps employers to attract and retain top talent

We provide resources and our teams expertise to exceed expectations:

Retirement Plan Specialists

  • Dedicated Kathmere service team

Fiduciary Compliance and Related Services

  • 49% of plan sponsors are unaware of their fiduciary status and duties. This is cause for concern. Failing to uphold fiduciary responsibilities, even by accident, could result in penalties and fines, or worse yet, sponsors can be held personally liable. Kathmere Capital act as an ERISA 3(21) or 3(38) Fiduciary to the plan.
  • We are an advocate our clients and their employees. As your retirement plan advisor, we site on the same side of the table and take on the responsibilities of an investment fiduciary.   We work for and represent the interests of the client, and no one else.
  • We have and publish ERISA resources to keep you informed and help you remain compliant.
  • We provide a Client Fiduciary Document Vault.

Complete Fee Transparency

  • Monitoring and reducing plan fees and related expenses on a proactive basis
  • Benchmarking plan fees

Platform and Plan Design Assistance

  • Assistance with evaluating plan design options that are connected to the goals of the company

Employee Education & Financial Wellness Programs

  • Modern approach to employee education using advanced data and analytics that impacts participation and behavioral finance that improves outcomes.
  • Working to create a culture of financial literacy, on both 401k and non-401k topics alike.
  • Ensuring participants clearly understand the tools and resources available to them at both the plan advisor and provider level

Industry Partners

  • Leveraging the collective strength of Kathmere Capital’s client base to benefit all plans and new clients with the leading providers in the industry
  • Vanguard, Empower, Paychex, ADP, etc.

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