We are uncompromising in our focus on delivering world-class investment advice and solutions to help our clients achieve their investment goals and objectives.

At Kathmere, we’ve developed and refined a proprietary approach to constructing and managing customized portfolios tailored to help each investor maximize their after-tax returns with an acceptable level of risk, all in order to help them achieve their unique goals and objectives.

Goals-Based Portfolio Management

We believe assets serve a purpose. And that purpose is to fund future spending and/or gifting needs. Because your goals are unique, we believe your portfolio should be too. Our advisors work individually with each of our clients to engage them in a collaborative process to align on a targeted investment strategy that results in a personalized portfolio that’s tailored to each client’s specific investment goals, objectives and preferences.

Investment Principles

We believe that successful investing requires a clear and consistent set of beliefs about investments and how capital markets work. Our Investment Principles are the articulation of our beliefs about investments and markets which guide our approach to managing portfolios. Our Principles are the product of our collective years of empirical study and experience advising investors and managing portfolios.


Click here to download a summary of our Investment Principles.

Proprietary Investment Process

We have developed a proprietary approach to portfolio management that is grounded in rigorous academic research paired with common sense and years of practical experience. Our approach generally eschews the methods employed by many others in the industry including what we believe to be an overreliance on “style boxes” as well as short-term market and macroeconomic forecasts. Instead, we adhere to a disciplined approach to managing portfolios that’s predicated on the body of accumulated knowledge through years of research and discovery.

  • Personal advisors work individually with each client to understand their needs, objectives, risk tolerance and preferences.
  • Information synthesized to align on targeted allocation of capital across broad categories.
  • Conduct extensive due diligence to maintain a thoughtfully curated catalogue of investment strategies across public and private markets.
  • Select strategies from catalogue to implement personalized client portfolios.
  • Diligently monitor portfolio allocations and market dynamics.
  • Actively rebalance allocations as needed to maintain consistency with pre-established targets.

True Objectivity & Open Architecture

As a fee-only firm, the only compensation we receive are the fees our clients pay us for our advice and guidance. We do not have any incentives to sell certain investment products or solutions through commissions or kickbacks. Nor are we affiliated with or owned by any asset manager or product provider influences the way we advise our clients and manage their portfolios. This means that you never need to worry about our motivations in recommending one investment strategy over another.


Relatedly, we are a 100 percent open architecture firm which means that we have the flexibility to find the most compelling investment solutions for our clients regardless of where they exist and who offers them. We leverage third-party investment managers across both public and private asset classes.

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