Our Beliefs – Feels Like Family

Our Beliefs – Feels Like Family

Have you ever had a restaurant that you could say “I’ll take my usual” and they brought exactly what you wanted?  Or called a friend (before caller ID) and just from the sound of your voice they knew who it was?  That’s the kind of personal service and partnership that we strive to have with our clients.

In forming Kathmere Capital Management, we never wanted to be a big 800 number call center type of wealth management firm. We don’t believe that clients receive the best advice if that’s how they are taken care. We wanted clients to, just by how we treated them and get to know them, feel like they are part of the family and part of a close team.

Although we feel it’s best for our clients if we serve them as a small company, we never wanted that to limit the services, resources, and expertise our clients had access to.  For that reason, we partner with powerhouse institutions across trading, record-keeping, research, and investment management to bring our clients first-class services across the board.

If you aren’t receiving advice from someone who truly knows you but also has access to industry-leading resources, or you aren’t sure if you are, or just want a second opinion on your financial situation, we’d love to talk.  Email or call us today.

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