Our Beliefs – Don’t Stop Learning

Our Beliefs – Don’t Stop Learning

Do you feel it’s safe to say that the world is changing pretty rapidly? That information flows quickly? That new discoveries are made constantly?  Hopefully we are in agreement here.  Then my next question is, how often should our trusted advisors refresh their knowledge, learn new strategies, or be updated on the changing tax and legal landscape?  Constantly? That’s what we believe.

At Kathmere Capital Management, our team is comprised of professionals that maintain credentials that are among the top in the industry and demonstrate a commitment to continued self-improvement and lifelong learning. With this commitment, we believe we will be able to give more relevant and better advice, tailored specifically to each client and not obsolete because of some change in the environment.

Imagine for a minute talking with your doctor about how you’ve been feeling, and he tells you that he believes you have smallpox.  How up-to-date on the medical field is he? Do you feel confident that he’s the best doctor? This may be an extreme example but, as with every field, wealth management is changing quickly and to be able to give the best advice, one must continuously be learning and being educated.

Our current team is made up of five CFPs®, three AIFs®, one CFA®, and one CPWA®.  These are all among the top and toughest accreditations to earn in our industry.

If you aren’t receiving advice from someone with this type of commitment or just want a second opinion on your financial situation, we’d love to talk.  Email or call us today.

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