Our Beliefs – Do More Than Manage Investments

Our Beliefs – Do More Than Manage Investments

Every year we see more and more evidence showing how important it is for us to take a holistic view of our clients’ financial situation and we thought it’d be helpful to give some context to why this is one of our highest conviction beliefs.

Think back to the last time you went to the doctor with some illness or pain. Did they prescribe you with medicine without asking any questions? Hopefully not. Did they ask you just about the pain? Again, hopefully not.  Did they ask you about what else is going on in your life, about stress, sleep habits, diet, exercise?  I sure hope so!  Now that you’ve given the doctor a complete picture of your lifestyle and health, they can then give you advice on how to get better.

It’s no different for how we help our clients.  Investing is where most people and advisors place their focus and yet it is the only place that you cannot guarantee an optimal result.  Markets move, and we can’t control that.  However, putting in place solid tax planning, proactive estate plans, and other plans, those are areas that we can control and ensure they are done properly and positively impact your financial well-being.  

We advocate that people ensure their investment plans are solid and that the most logical process is being used, but then adequate time should be spent in areas that you simply can quantify the actual impact.  When taxes are reduced, when estates are properly managed, when charitable gifts are more efficiently distributed, when insurance costs are brought down, the impact is clear and certain.  Good advisors focus on all aspects of the wealth spectrum, not just the investment piece that is, and will always remain, impossible to accurately predict.

If you aren’t getting holistic advice or just want a second opinion on your financial situation, we’d love to talk.  Email or call us today.

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