Top Advisor

Top Advisor

No matter what industry you work in, the reality is that you know more about the “inside scoop” of that industry more than the average person.  It clearly puts you in a better position if you needed to hire someone to do what you do.

As financial planners and investment advisors, we are constantly reminded of this fact every day.  Our industry has so many different varieties of people providing advice to the general public. How is someone supposed to tell the difference between someone who has truly become an expert in their trade and someone who treats it more like a hobby?

If you were hoping for a very dry and boring article, we are going to disappoint you.  This is where the content turns funny. 

Many years ago, an article appeared in a number of financial news publications about one of these “Best Advisor” or “Top Advisor in My Area” awards.  These are the types of awards you see in a variety of business publications or regional magazines that tout the “best of the best”, the “crème of the crop” of professionals in your part of the world.  I am sure you have seen this for not only the Financial Industry, but several others.

In 2008, someone in my industry found these “Awards” so laughable that he decided to have some fun with the system.  He submitted an entry for the “Top Advisor” award on behalf of his dog “Max Tailwagger”.  In 2009, the incredible honor was in fact bestowed upon Max when his plaque indicating “Top Advisor” arrived at the house.

Here is the link to the article in case you want to read the entire piece.  It is classic!

The lesson is that you need to do your homework.  There are so many great advisors in the world.  These are people that have trained, earned (legitimate) credentials, and built great teams and business to help serve clients.  It is so sad to think how many people are NOT working with one of them.  The reality is that if you aren’t sure if your advisor is one of the true “Top Advisors”, you better find out what it means to be a Top Advisor.  When you work with one, you will know it right away.

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