Kyle Lepkowski

Kyle Lepkowski

Wealth Management Associate


Kyle is a Wealth Management Associate at Kathmere Capital Management. Kyle has recently joined Kathmere and helps with assisting clients to organize their financial goals and objectives.


In his role, Kyle is responsible for directing the day-to-day operations for Michael McDermott and Geoffrey Forcino’s team within the firm and is a point of contact for all of Michael and Geoffrey’s clients. He understands the value of listening to clients, is readily available to service their immediate needs, and continues quality partnerships with current clients and key relationships, while building his knowledge to become an advisor to better assist his team and future career. Before joining Kathmere, Kyle had many roles from financial planning at a small firm to accounting at a large financial industry bank.


Kyle graduated with a B.S. in Finance from The Pennsylvania State University and also has his A.S. in Business Administration. He is currently studying for his CFP® Certification.



Kyle enjoys spending time with his growing family. When he’s not working, he enjoys running, hiking, and most of all traveling. That’s why he and his wife Christina got married in Iceland and engaged in Austria on top of an alp.


His journey thus far has been far from typical, yet the invaluable experiences and challenges he’s overcome have provided life lessons that can be applied to financial planning. He looks forward to the future as he gains experience and knowledge through his education, and reaches his goal of attaining industry designations and helping others achieve what they thought was impossible.

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